The History of the Universe…

On March 31st, April 1st and April 2nd, Joel Frisch of NGI visited the classroom of Ms. Audra Mickunas, a 7th grade science teacher at the Clinton Middle School, in Clinton, Massachusetts. Over the past few weeks the students have been studying rocks and minerals and Mr. Frisch was invited to address the classes to offer a real-world experience.

Mr. Frisch described to the students how the elements that make-up the minerals they’re studying came into existence through nuclear fusion and supernova explosions inside stars, converting simple hydrogen atoms into all of the complex elements on the periodic table.


Mr. Frisch went on to describe the formation of the Earth from these elements, how the dynamic processes within and on the surface of the planet resulted in its basic planetary structure, and how those processes produce the rocks and geologic formations we see today.


Mr. Frisch also described the work he does at NGI such as water and wastewater consulting and GIS/computer mapping, and also described other fields of study within geology that student might wish to pursue such as oil and gas development and hazardous waste cleanup.

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