Water Supply Services – More Info

Gravel Packed Well 2

NGI personnel have been involved with a wide variety of water supply development activities throughout North America.  Projects range from small Transient Non-Community Public Water Supplies for municipal or commercial use, to large production wells for irrigation or Community Public Water Supplies.

Typical projects involve desktop studies to identify potential high yield wells, testing to determine source yield, and design and permitting of final production wells.

Test Well Drilling

In addition, NGI provides regulatory compliance services including annual statistical reporting, data management services, consumer confidence reports, well head protection programs, unaccounted for water surveys, water rates surveys, long term management plans, and water treatment plant residuals  management.

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NGI has also been involved with a variety of spring water development projects for bottled water applications.  Typical activities include spring identification and characterization, initial testing for safe yield and FDA Standard of Identity, borehole design, construction and testing, and regulatory compliance.