GIS Mapping Services -More Info

NGI offers state-of-the-art digital mapping services to catalog and present complex data sets for all of our projects.  Digital mapping techniques allow for not just the overlaying of data for presentation purposes but for digital processing and quantitative analysis in order to answer questions or to see data in a new light.


NGI supplements traditional survey data and data collected by NGI personnel with a variety of public domain datasets such as topographic data, hydrologic data, U.S. Geological Survey data, air photos, street maps, etc. to enable comprehensive assessment and analyses.

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In addition, NGI can incorporate historic paper maps, well logs or other information to enhance the digital datasets and for long-term cataloging purposes to create powerful tools for planning and public presentations.

Our digital mapping services are also useful for attorneys and expert witnesses to prepare powerful legal exhibits for trial.  For example, data management and mapping services provided by NGI were instrumental in documenting and presenting thousands of environmental sampling results of an oil spill that occurred during Hurricane Katrina (Patrick Josephy Turner, et al. v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc, case number 2:05cv04206 in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana) ultimately leading to a settlement of over $330 million.