Northeast Geoscience Inc (NGI) provides consulting, design, research and training services to both public and private clients throughout North America.  NGI specializes in water supply development and environmental services. NGI was formed in 2002 by Jay Billings and Joel Frisch in response to the perceived need for a common sense approach to environmental science and engineering consulting services.

NGI strives to seek innovative, cost effective solutions to complex regulatory challenges facing municipalities and the private sector. This common sense approach to problem solving relies on sound science and engineering coupled with knowledge of applicable regulations, and an understanding of the scientific principals on which the regulations are based. Using this approach, the founders of NGI have a proven track record of success in providing solutions to regulatory challenges faced by water suppliers, towns, engineers, and project proponents.

NGI’s staff includes geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists and engineering professionals with over 20 years of experience working in the field of environmental consulting. The most important attributes NGI possesses are the same attributes that define good scientists worldwide, the ability to practice unbiased objective science and to explain these principals to stakeholders working in charged political environments.

NGI specializes in identifying, developing, permitting and protecting water resources for public water suppliers, while ensuring efficient utilization of existing water sources. As water suppliers face increasing water demand and increasing difficulty in permitting new sources, NGI is working to sustain viability for our clients through demand management and source development.

Typical projects in the water resources field include new source identification and development, existing resource optimization and conservation and resource mapping and protection. NGI also works with communities and project proponents to develop quantitative estimates of development impacts to water resources, and to implement resource protection through use of best management practices (BMPs). In addition, NGI provides technical training services to consulting and engineering firms, public agencies and water suppliers.

The mission of NGI is to promote public understanding of water resource issues, and to assist in development, utilization and protection of water resources through a scientifically based approach. To achieve these goals, NGI uses state of the art electronic data collection and analysis techniques. Having developed a network of colleagues and contractors providing data collection and analysis services, the team NGI brings to a project is impressive, and compliments our in house capabilities.


Jay is a hydrogeologist with 26 years of experience identifying, developing and permitting public water supplies in New England, New York, Montana, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Jay is a Professional Geologist in the States of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and South Carolina and with the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

Specialties: Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Modeling, Aquifer Safe Yield Analysis, Water Treatment Systems, Gravel Pack Well Design, and Spring and Bottled Water Source Identification and Permitting.

Joel Frisch, P.G.

Joel is a hydrogeologist with 24 years or experience in water supply development and environmental services and is licensed is a Professional Geologist in the State of New Hampshire. Joel’s experience includes water supply development, source testing and water treatment systems, municipal solid waste site assessment, groundwater discharge permitting, and digital data management.

Specialties: Aquifer Safe Yield Analysis, Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Modeling, GIS and Data Management, Hydrogeologic Assessments, Groundwater Mounding Analysis, Nutrient Loading Analysis, Hydraulic Loading Tests, Double-Ring Infiltrometer Testing, and Guelph Permeameter Testing.